Cross-domain applications powered by Semantic AI


How does this work?

The data stored in your IT systems contains a nuanced view of your day-to-day business operations, however it loses much of its utility when it is removed from the context in which it was generated.

The goal of Semantic AI is to connect data to its meaning and align it with real-world systems and processes to enable predictive analytics, workflow automation and systems optimization.
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What is Semantic AI?

Semantic AI is the combination of knowledge graphs and graph ML.

A knowledge graph links facts about the world with their meaning, which can be used to reason, infer new knowledge and connect data with its context. Graph ML is a natural fit with knowledge graphs, where it provides link prediction, neighborhood similarity, causal modelling, and more.

The combination of these technologies enables solutions that are difficult or impossible with deep learning or other forms of conventional ML.
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Putting it all together

Our unique Semantic AI platform provides a real-time model of operational activity linked to semantically-enhanced data and reasoning systems. When integrated with existing proprietary data and IT systems, our software powers intelligent applications that drive value both within an organization and across domains.
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