Enabling AI-powered hospital operations

Centralized operations AI offers many potential benefits to a hospital:
Optimize Patient Care
Connect clinical operations with best practices to enable evidence-based decisions.
Increase efficiency
Reduce waste and decrease costs by forecasting utilization and optimizing resources.
Boost Collaboration
Promote cooperation between healthcare professionals, departments and organizations.
Enhance Performance
Improve industry rankings and exceed government performance targets.

Unifying data flows and physical processes

Many hospitals operate departments with independent IT systems. This siloing of information results in inefficient patient flows, supply stock-outs, and difficulties meeting key financial and quality-of-care metrics.

Our platform provides the framework for seamlessly integrated applications that address these issues while enhancing collaboration and visibility between departments.
Our platform powers a suite of applications across a hospital
Patient flow management
Anticipate spikes, manage bottlenecks, and minimise waiting times to optimize resource utilization and improve patient experience.
Predictive purchasing
Forecast demand for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and ancillaries, and enable semiautomated purchasing with full visibility over costs.
Curated clinical research
A curated knowledge base linked with local clinical operations with alerts for recalls, drug safety information and potential shortages.
Revenue Cycle Optimization
Decrease payment cycles, improve first-pass yield and increase income under both fee-for-service and alternative payment schemes.

The platform pays for itself

  • By starting in financial operations we find enough missed income and cost savings to fund the entire suite of applications.
  • CodePilot identifies and amends incomplete and incorrect medical coding and documentation, and generates incremental revenue.
  • Enables code review management, quality outcomes reporting and oversight of clinical approval.
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