A universal translator for healthcare data

A full complement of APIs and data assets ...

Using our unique Semantic AI technology, our platform provides services such as Medical Entity Recognition and Entity Relationship Extraction to standardise and contextualise healthcare data at scale. This enables us to close the loop between cost, best practice, and patient outcomes and provides the foundation for an array of value-added applications.

... powering a cross-domain suite of applications

Next generation risk adjustment for Medicare Advantage plans. By connecting and structuring clinical encounters, claims and pharma utlliization data, we supercharge your risk adjustment solution. Find out more.

Optimize resource management by anticipating spikes, managing bottlenecks, and minimising waiting times in applications such as patient flow management and supply chain. Find out more.

Next generation Revenue Cycle Management with enhanced CDI that decreases payment cycles, improves first-pass yield and increases income under both fee-for-service and alternative payment schemes. Find out more.

Predictive inventory management with demand forecasting for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and ancillaries, and semiautomated purchasing with full visibility over costs. Find out more.

Push relevant recalls, alerts and updated best practice to clinical staff with a curated knowledge base linked to local clinical operations. Enable your team to always have the information at their fingertips. Find out more.

Search across your EMR for missing pay-for-performance income (e.g. MIPS, QOF), and missed payments for prescriptions, vaccinations and more. Patient records and suggested changes are presented for clinician review with clear, specific and actionable next steps. Find out more.


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